In April 2019, Les Frères Complices landed in Porspoder, in tandem, in order to promote sharing and complicity, beyond sport and leisure!

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Chapter 1: 2019

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Romain and Julien, who lived in Portsall. Thanks to the few years that separated them, they were very close and accomplices. They grew up together and their relationship never lost its luster. Their ambition and their professional trajectory even led them to become co-founders of their company: Les Frères Complices.

The pragmatic Romain, previously a banker, is now investing in their sister's bakery in Porspoder. Julien, the creative, was studying business in Rennes to get a Master, he wanted to make a career in entrepreneurship in the years to come.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The town of Porspoder and its surroundings, although very touristy and offering great possibilities for walks, did not offer any bicycle rental service. It was then that these two young brothers had the idea of ​​opening their business in the Pays d'Iroise to allow tourists and locals to discover the most beautiful coasts of the Finistère coast.

Les Frères Complices then decided to offer a bicycle and tandem rental system, for moments of sharing and complicity in North Finistère!

Chapter 2: 2020

One year after founding their company Les Frères Complices, Julien and Romain are exploring new projects with ambition. At the beginning of 2020, they won a competition organized by the famous French mutual insurance company passionate about cycling: Groupama.

The company is also committed alongside the crowdfunding platform Ulule, to enable winners from all backgrounds to promote the practice of tandem, bicycle and electric scooter within their territory.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Julien and Romain have a goal that is close to their hearts, to develop their company as much as possible for the development of the local economy. At the end of May, two new bicycle rental points were opened in the neighboring towns of Porspoder, Ploudalmézeau and Portsall. A chance for the Pays d'Iroise which welcomes many tourists who wish to explore the region by bike.


To make their wish come true, they are launching their own crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. They set themselves the goal of raising the sum of 2000 euros to equip the bicycle rental points in order to be ready for the season.

Les Frères Complices do not let themselves be defeated by the Covid-19 crisis, in 15 days the objective has been reached! Thanks to their wonderful contributors to the Ulule campaign, Julien and Romain are in heaven! In 45 days, the campaign reached 111% for 2,230 euros.

A huge complicit thank you to the 33 contributors because the 2020 season was intense!

Click here to discover the Ulule campaign.


Chapter 3: 2021

Work to grow again ...

Take care of yourself !